Nothing Like the First Sip

Form: There Will Never be Another You Technique used: Melody is dived from upper structure triads. [cincopa AQPANyb_bBEB]

Signature Stunt

Form: Ladybird Technique: Melody created by using very dissonant substitutions for ii V7’s. Ex: Original D-7 G7. Dissonant substitutions: (C#-7 F#7, Eb-7 Ab7 or F#-7 B7)   [cincopa AgBAvx7mbdSG]  

Life….It’s Something to Do

Form: I’ve Got Rhythm Technique used: Melody created by Oliver Messiaen’s mode of limited transposition #3. (Bb C Db D E F Gb Ab A) [cincopa AEGA_wrTbd1M]  

King Curt

Form: What Is This Thing Called Love Technique used: Melody not exceeding the range of a major third.   [cincopa AkFA6x76bxMO]  

Nothing Ever Occurs to Him

Form: Lady Be Good Technique Used: Line inspired by Lee Konitz type approach of pure melody. Lick-less, patternless, nothing predetermined.   [cincopa AYCA6x7cbZJQ]  

Hashtag This

Form: The Preacher Technique used: Grouping a five 8th note grouping over four 8th notes.   [cincopa AAKA5ybfbpgR]

He Was Caught Trying

Form: Solar Technique used: Creating lines using substitutions over the original ii v7. Ex: Original D- G7. Substitutions could be (Bb-7 Eb7) or (F-7 Bb7) or (Ab-7 Db7).   [cincopa AUOApx7AbVDS]  

Energize the Bass

Form : Blues Technique used: Continuous chromatic line lining up strong chord tones on strong beats one and three.   [cincopa AsAAKzrTb56S]